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Testimonial Marketing of Destination Pakistan

PATA Pakistan Chapter has scored yet another success in its singular and continuing efforts at restoring Inbound Tourism in Pakistan.

It hosted Ms. Cassandra De Pecol, Peace Ambassador for the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism and Skal International, who came as part of her epic venture to break a Guinness World Record.

Earlier this year, she had visited all countries in our Sub-Continent - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka – except Pakistan and it took PATA’s intervention and the personal good offices of Chairman Akbar A. Shareef to facilitate her visa formalities, enabling her to visit our country. She entered Pakistan on the eve of Tuesday 13 December and, after two days in Karachi, she visited Lahore and Islamabad, escorted by Chairman Lt. Col. [R] Akbar Ali Shareef.

By all accounts this was the most successful of the many successful events organized and managed by this Chapter.

Ms. Cassandra exclaiming that “Pakistan is the country I like the most, though the one I had feared the most to visit” and “People in United States have negative ideas and fear to visit this country, but things are different; I had a great experience.” “Pakistanis are overwhelming and loving” have been carried widely by the country’s consumer Press and the electronic media.

She was interviewed also by the international media like Voice of America and British Broadcasting Corporation; all vindicating this Chapter’s adopted slogan : “Surprising Pakistan.”

Mr. Louis D’Amour, Chairman of International Institute of Peace Through Tourism, has written to Chairman Akbar saying; “Many thanks. You certainly met – and exceeded - our hoped for expectations in hosting Cassie. Cassie has said it was the best experience of all the 190 countries she has visited – and for this, we are most grateful”.

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PATA Pakistan Chapter is, in effect, the federation of Pakistan’s tourism industries, trades and administration. Its constituents are travel agents, inbound and outbound tour operators, event managers, airlines, hotels, restaurants, tourist transport operators, travel publications, consultants, government and semi-government authorities.