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A meeting of PATA Pakistan Chapter’s Executive Committee

A meeting of PATA Pakistan Chapter’s Executive Committee was held on Tuesday, 3rd February 2020. The following were present.

Mr. M. Hanif Dossani
Mr. Riaz Ahmed Khan
Mr. M. Anwer Rasheed
Lt. Col. [R] Akbar A. Shareef who was in the Chair.

Mr. M. Yahya Polani and Mr. Khwaja Jaha Zeb sent in their requests for leave of absence which was granted.

The Chairman recounted the happenings in the Chapter from the last meeting. Mention was made of the visits of Mr. Mario Hardy and Miss Cassandra. Expenses thereon were tabled. The Chairman said Members were invited to the events free of charge, unlike some organizations. Both events had proved immensely productive for the Chapter’s objective of winning very good mention of Pakistan as a tourist destination.

The Chairman said he was awarded Life Membership and Award of Merit by PATA for speaking of and for Pakistan whenever he was at PATA.

The next major event of PATA will be in Ras-al-Khaima by the middle of this year. PATA contemplated Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan to be the Keynote Speaker. PATA’s Chief Executive phoned him for his good offices for getting the Prime Minister’s consent and he would pursue it with his connections.

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PATA Pakistan Chapter is, in effect, the federation of Pakistan’s tourism industries, trades and administration. Its constituents are travel agents, inbound and outbound tour operators, event managers, airlines, hotels, restaurants, tourist transport operators, travel publications, consultants, government and semi-government authorities.