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The Chairman, Lt. Col. [R] Akbar A. Shareef, has been awarded the prestigious Merit Award which PATA gives out to outstanding services and adherence to the highest PATA values.

That our Chapter Chairman brought renewed laurels to Pakistan by winning the PATA Merit Award this year has pleased not only our members and partners but also the larger business community in Karachi.

This was evident from the impressive turnout at the Open House hosted by JAS Travel Group of Companies on Thursday June 21. They had invited their business associates from the airlines, hotels, travel trades, services and manufacturing sectors. They had invited also all members of our Executive Committee.

The lavish spread of High Tea, ordered from Infinities, measured up with the high dignitaries that came congratulating Chairman Akbar Ali Shareef. The airlines, travel agents and hoteliers were there; led by Mr. Ken Marshall of Qatar Airways, Mirza Manzoor Amed of Movenpick Hotel, and Mr. M. Yahya Polani there many others. The trade media was also there in full strength.

The two hours of Open House were dense and merry, in the spirit also of Eid, as well-wishing stakeholders came and went.

Inevitably, towards its close the more seniors were found sitting among themselves in discussions. Opinions flowed about Pakistan Tourism, its improving circumstances internationally and PATA Pakistan Chapter’s role in bringing about that improvement by causing positive ‘testimonial publicity’ of Destination Pakistan internationally. While Mr. Kazimi clarified that the Award was for exemplary work done within Pakistan in the PATA spirit, Mr. M. Yahya Polani was more detailed in his praise of Chairman Akbar’s leadership of the Chapter.

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PATA Pakistan Chapter is, in effect, the federation of Pakistan’s tourism industries, trades and administration. Its constituents are travel agents, inbound and outbound tour operators, event managers, airlines, hotels, restaurants, tourist transport operators, travel publications, consultants, government and semi-government authorities.