KARACHI: Pakistan Chapter of Pacific Asia Travel Association held its Annual General Meeting at the Pearl Continental Hotel here last midweek. The General Council of Members appreciated the persistence and dedication with which the Office Bearers had put in substantial work to sustain and revive Pakistan Tourism, undaunted by the difficult times facing the country. The PATA Spirit was writ throughout the proceedings.

The AGM was followed by a Lunch, at which Chapter members were joined by senior managers of the major Airlines and Hotels in the city, all in the true spirit of mutuality and friendship all round.


Sindh Spending Rs. 3.64 bln

KARACHI: The Chief Minister’s Special Assistant on Culture, Ms. Sharmila Farooqui, has stated that her Department has initiated work on preservation, maintenance and upkeep of several archaeological sites and historical monuments in the province most of which, she said, require urgent care.

She was responding to questions raised in the Sind Legislative Assembly last week.

Upon recommendation from the technical committee of The MohenjoDaro Trust the process of “dry core drilling” is to begin at MohenjoDaro, the world-renowned archaeological site of Sindh. As a result of this action, she said, this heritage site could be declared the largest archaeological site of the world.

Responding to a question about the media reports of damage done to the site from the preparatory work for the inaugural ceremony of the Sindh Festival, she pointed out the regional representative of UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation - and internationally qualified archaeologists had visited the site and issued categorical statements that MohenjoDaro had not been damaged because of the event.

About the site of Kot Diji Fort in Khairpur district, she said that it needed urgent steps for its protection, since it had been ‘damaged by frequent visits of tourists’.

Answering yet another question about Sindh’s archaeological/historical sites protected under the Antiquities Act 1975, she said 129 such assets had devolved to the provincial government as a consequence of the 18th Constitutional Amendment but that, except for receiving a ‘national fund’ for MohenjoDaro, the provincial government did not get any financial support from the federal government for maintaining these sites.

Lt. Col. Akbar A. Shareef, Syed I. R. Kazimi and Mr. Riaz A. Khan were re-elected as Chairman, Member Secretary and Treasurer respectively.


KARACHI: Pakistan Hotels Association held is Annual Elections last week and elected Mr. Mohammad Anwar Qureshi and Mr. Muhammad Azeem Qureshi as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively for the new term.

Mr. M. Anwar Qureshi is Chief Executive of the Ramada Plaza Karachi as also of its owner company, the United International Group. He is associated with US Global Resources Marketing as Director engaged in Tourism business.

Mr. M. A. Azeem Qureashi, with more than 20 years of International and National experience in the hospitality industry is General Manager of Pearl-Continental Hotel Karachi.

Both Chairman and Vice Chairman are looking forward to bring sustainable hospitality industry growth, applying emphasis on new strategies and initiatives of solidifying hotels in Pakistan with continuous efforts to improve on the guests facilities in order to make guests stay more pleasant and comfortable one.

KARACHI: Pakistan Chapter of Pacific Asia Travel Association held its Annual General Meeting at the Pearl Continental Hotel here last midweek. Lt. Col. Akbar A. Shareef, Syed I. R. Kazimi and Mr. Riaz A. Khan were re-elected as Chairman, Member Secretary and Treasurer respectively and Mr. M. Hanif Dossani, Mr. M. Yahya Polani, Mr. Anwer Rasheed and Mr. Khawaja Jahan Zeb were elected as Committee Members for a two-year term.


1. Luncheon Meetings: The concept of Luncheon Meetings adopted in 2012 is to be carried forward despite the pitfalls met last year. In its Annual General Meeting on January 22, 2014, the Chapter’s General Council urged the Office Bearers to persist with the practice, as such events bring our members together among themselves with eminent Guest Speakers and Chief Guests. It also helps spread the PATA philosophy.

Accordingly, such meetings are to be held beginning third week of March, each with an eminent Speaker. To be bimonthly until it becomes more institutionalized, these luncheons will be open also to non members who can come as guests of Chapter members.

2. Destination Promotion: One day promotional event to project a domestic destination with seminars and exhibitions. The planned Seminars which could not be held last year on Sukkur and Multan, are to be labored again this year for implementation, depending on the external circumstances.

3. World Tourism Day: This s to be celebrated with due seriousness to stress, among other things, the need for Pakistan Government to adopt Visitor Economy as its national policy.

4. The ongoing work culture  of the Chapter will continue as follows:

Weekly Meetings: Informal meetings of top office bearers will continue in the Chapter Secretariat, taking stock of day to day situation in the industry, receiving members, conducting operational work and contact with provincial governments and PATA Hq.

Quarterly Meetings: Executive Committee will continue to meet every three month with predetermined agenda.

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