PATA Pakistan Chapter is, in effect, the federation
of Pakistan’s tourism industries & Trades

About Pakistan Chapter

Its constituents are travel agents, inbound and outbound tour operators, event managers, airlines, hotels, restaurants, tourist transport operators, travel publications, consultants, government and semi-government authorities. This Chapter’s membership is spread all over the country – from Karachi to Lahore to Gilgit and Islamabad.

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Lt. Col. [Retd.] Akbar A. Shareef Chairman Rakaposhi Tours (Pvt) Limited

Syed I. R. Kazimi Secretary Impact Bureau of Marketing

Surprising Pakistan

Visiting Pakistan will surprise you.

It has been so misreported that the eminent traveler and author, Ms. Isobel Shaw, said in her Guide Book that Pakistan is the world’s best kept tourism secret.

Pakistan is a unity of infinite variety of terrain, climates, races, cultures, arts, crafts, fauna and flora. Its people, though inherently conservative, are admittedly very hospitable, with arms always open for visitors whom they regard and treat as God- sent guests to be honored.

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The Chairman, Lt. Col. [R] Akbar A. Shareef, has been awarded the prestigious Merit Award which PATA gives out to outstanding services ....