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Facts Which Surprise

Pakistanis are of various races and cultures but invariably outgoing, industrious and hospitable people.

The Dravidian stock mixed with the Aryans, Mongolians, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Chaldeans, Scythians and Europeans etc. Each race left its imprint on society and the modern Pakistanis reflect a fascinating variety of living habits, social values, cuisines, cultural pursuits, arts and crafts.

Pakistan is officially designated as Islamic Republic of Pakistan and several other faiths are practiced freely here. This country has Christians, Zoroastrians [Parsees], Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs living equally and contributing to nation-building activities.

It must be noted that although early historical periods of Sindh is often called the "Buddhist Period", Hinduism also flourished here. While remains of several stupas are still available in Sindh, as in our North, an "absolutely magnificent brass image of Brahma" has been found near Mirpurkhas and is "the finest metal sculpture, from ancient times, ever discovered anywhere in the whole sub-continent".

The variety of Pakistan’s culture shows in the many languages which are alive in the country. Broadly, its language identities are:

Punjabi ... ... in Punjab
Sindhi and Seraiki ... ... in Sindh
Balochi, Pushto, Brauhi ... ... in Balochistan
Pushto, Hindko, Gujar, Kashmiri, Khowar, Kohistani, Kalashi ... ... in NWFP
Balti, Burshaski, Shina, Wakhiin ... ... in Northern Areas